Prenez le contrôle de votre douche!


et faîtes des économies sur vos factures d'eau et d'énergie grâce à eddo.drop, la première solution de douche connectée pour les douches permettant de contrôler la durée de douche

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eddo.drop will be available in March, 2019! 




 A propos d'eddo.drop 

​eddo.drop is a unique connected shower fully suitable with all the showers on the market, dedicated to individuals. The eddo.drop technology is innovative and user-friendly.


With eddo.drop, all the members of your household can control the water consumption and hence, reduce the water and energy bill. 


Adopt eddo.drop, control your shower duration and help saving the planet! 


Thanks to eddo.drop, the user defines the perfect duration of the shower, and enjoys a relaxing moment while reducing its consumption. The water will turn off automatically once the duration will be reached. 

The main functionnalities of the eddo.drop module includes: 

  • Control of the tap by the gesture

  • Shower duration control

  • Listen to music

  • Display water savings

How does it work?


General settings

Use your mobile app to set-up:
  • Your Wi-Fi connection
  • Your water temperature
  • The desired shower duration


Before the shower

Run eddo.drop and let it adapt the water temperature according to your preferences. Prepare your playlist through the mobile app!


Under the shower

Get under the shower, slide your hand in front of the eddo.drop solution to run the water and enjoy your moment for the defined duration.


Slide your hand to pause water

Preserve easily your water while you are soaping up, thanks to the motion sensor

Be aware of your consumption

Get statistics on your water and energy consumption through the eddo.drop mobile application

Listen to
your music

Enjoy a great user experience thanks to the integration of a waterproof speaker including bluetooth connection

Speak up and make your point! 

Use the voice control system to activate eddo.drop. (suitable with any voice control system)


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Press release

Press release - 2019 Climate Change Award Recognizing emerging innovations that help improve the environment and the lives of consumers.



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About us

eddo by SmartEmbed is a French start-up, whose vocation is to contribute to the reduction of the energy bill through connected innovative objects.


Hosted at the CleanTech business incubator in Aix-en-Provence, eddo is led by Térence Huertas, embedded systems engineer, deeply involved in eco-practices and passionate about digital and connected objects.

Meet the team

Terence Huertas

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Communication et design 

Emmanuel Agnel

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Marvin Sanchez

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Electronic engineer



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